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Terms & Conditions

An enrollee benefits carry an initial six months waiting period prior to coverage availability.

Pre-existing legal matters before the policy commencement are not covered.

An enrollee must be up-to-date in his premium remittance before he/she can enjoy the benefits. Any
     default in payment shall disqualify an enrollee from the benefits.

Each benefit (litigation) is available once per plan per policy.

Enrollee who chooses to enjoy the services not covered by the plan shall be responsible for the legal
     and professional fees and may be free to choose from the data base of lawyers or LSPs to handle the
     legal matter.

Enrollees who are not satisfied with a chosen legal service provider is free to change to another within
     six months after due notification to the company.

For litigations, there must be a good chance of success whether as plaintiff or defendant as assessed
      by LPP merits committee.

If an enrolleeā€™s case does not have a reasonable chance of success (e.g., due to insufficient evidence
      to support claim/defense) the brief may be rejected.

Should a plan holder or dependants and legitimate spouse have no merits to win a civil case; the plan
      will cover an enrollee for a guilty plea only.

The legal problem must have occurred in the state where a subscriber enrolled to be entitled to LPP
      representation in any of the courts within the state.

Should a plan holder get married after the start of his/her plan, such new spouse (and new
     dependent children as the case may be) shall continue to benefit from the plan with effect from the
     date of marriage.

Additional family members (added to this policy in terms of extended family plan) will only be covered
     from the date that the first premium for such members is deducted and only for matters that started
     after such date.

The plan will not cover an enrollee in a dispute between the enrollee and the LPSL (including any of
      its subsidiaries or employees).

The plan does not cover legal matters that may arise from the following acts which the enrollee may

     Civil commotion.
     Public disorders, civil disobedience.
     Unlawful strikes.
     War like operations.
     Armed robbery.
     Invasion or any act not in conformity with the rule of law.
     Acts under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
     The terms and conditions contained herein are subject to changes without further notice to the