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Statement of the Problems

The wheel of legal process and justice in Nigeria is clogged and bedeviled with institutional maladies.

The road to legal justice in Nigeria is long, cumbersome, rough, tortuous and sometimes treacherous
      and frustrating.

Access to legal justice is costly and not within the reach of the common man.

Many Nigerians do not take deliberate efforts to avail themselves of legal services in their day-to-day
      transactions especially when it concerns taking serious decisions with far-reaching legal implications.

The first alternative cause of action of some Nigerians to infractions is to run to the courts without
      attempt at peaceful settlement.

The resources to follow such cases to a logical conclusion are exorbitant.

Legal cases are stuck in the courts due to lack of diligent prosecution and sundry institutional

Nigerians lack confidence in the legal system because they perceive the judiciary as a weak institution.

The high level of illiteracy and ignorance among many Nigerians makes it difficult for them to
      understand the complex workings of the judicial system.

Nigerians take recourse to self-help and other extra-judicial means to address infractions.

The culture of impunity among many Nigerians is very high.

Many Nigerians wrongly believe that legal services are limited to litigation only.