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Popular Legal Protection Plan

Litigation Benefits
LPP has been categorized into four major plans to enable all classes of enrollees or subscribers especially the low and middle income classes have access to regular and affordable legal services in event of any future legal action. The Classic Legal Protection Plan provides legal cost cover yearly and covers the enrollee (the main policy holder), the legal spouse (limited to one legitimate spouse), four dependent children (under 18 years of age and not working and unmarried and permanently staying with enrollee) as well as family members added in terms of the extended family plan option, for legal representation in:

Civil actions where the enrollee

    Wants to sue or be sued by another person for money, goods or services based on a written agreement.

     Labour-related appearance where an enrollee could lose his job if the employer wins the case.

     Criminal cases where the enrollee is a victim.

Other Benefits
Civil claims in respect of accidents (all types of accident).

Civil claims arising from breach of fundamental rights enshrined in chapter IV of the constitution of the
     Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999.

Civil claims arising from criminal activities in which the enrollee is a victim.

Mediation on disputes on various issues such as Landlord/Tenant, Master/servant, Employer/Employees,
     Husband/Wife, inheritance and family matters etc.

Legal counseling/advice and assistance (written or in conference) including writing letter, negotiating,
     mediation etc.

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm, criminal force occasioning actual bodily harm.

Representation at the police station and in courts.

Traffic/Sanitation Violations.

Real Estate.

Defense of Driver's license suspension or revocation.

Consumer protection (enforcement of warrants related to purchased goods and services).


Name change.

Estate Planning.