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Roles of Legal Protection Services Limited under the Scheme

To monitor and ensure the realization of the mission, vision and objectives of the scheme.

To create the appropriate structure and supporting infrastructure necessary for the realization and
     sustenance of the scheme.

To establish and foster cordial relationship between the relevant partners under the scheme.

To drive for and register enrollees.

To accredit and register legal service providers.

To coordinate and monitor service delivery under the scheme.

To ensure that enrollees are up-to-date with their payments.

To delist defaulting enrollees.

To delist defaulting Legal Service Providers.

To ensure prompt payment to Legal Service Providers.

To organize workshops, Seminars and appropriate awareness programs.

To recruit and train facilitators, liaison personnel and the staff of LPS Ltd.

To ensure strict compliance to the terms and conditions of the scheme.

To review the scheme periodically.