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Dear Learned Friend,


In Nigeria today, there is a growing concern that the cost of court litigation is prohibitive. Far above the reach of ordinary Nigerians. This high cost of justice in an era of impunity and arbitrariness, makes the enthronement of the culture of the rule of law and its due process among country men very imperative.

To attain the goal of reducing the exorbitant cost of justice, Legal Protection Service (LPS) Ltd, a private company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission has conceived and is ready to roll out Pre-Paid Legal Services to promote affordable legal services to interested members of the Nigerian public.

Pre-paid legal service which is a novel concept in Nigeria is a legal equivalent of the Health Insurance Scheme. Just like insurance scheme in the health sector, pre-paid legal service scheme is a plan designed to protect subscribers during the rainy day of legal challenges in form of preventive legal plans (ex ante) and litigation (ex post).

Under the pre-paid legal service, all subscribers pool their funds together and benefit from the pool in event of legal challenges at little cost while registered and participating Legal Service Providers (LSPs) in the project shall be paid regular capitation fees for preventive legal services and in the event of litigation, the cost of legal services rendered to enrollees.

What is this novelty all about? How does it work? How can a legal practitioner participate as an LSP? The answers to these frequently asked questions are the subjects of series of advocacy events being organized by LPS Ltd for interested LSPs.

Fill out the expression of interest from (EOI) to participate in a series of advocacy meetings to be organized soon in Enugu. Expecting to hear from you.

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