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Our Guarantee Legal Protection Plan

Popular Prepaid Legal Protection Plan
Classic Prepaid Legal Protection Plan
Gold Prepaid Legal Protection Plan
Platinum Prepaid Legal Protection Plan
Super Classic Prepaid Legal Protection Plan
Gold Plus Prepaid Legal Protection Plan
Platinum Plus Prepaid Legal Protection Plan

Benefits of Legal Protection Plans:

The scheme has been categorized into seven Plans to enable all classes of enrollees or subscribers especially the low and middle income classes have access to regular and affordable legal services in event of any future legal action.

The scheme provides legal services annually and covers the enrollee (the principal enrollees), the legal spouse (limited to one legitimate spouse), four dependent children as well as family members for legal representation.


Legal Protection Services Limited (LPSL) is a private company registered with Nigeria's company registry, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC 1249275.

Pre-paid legal plan is the key product or field of operation of the company. The pre-paid legal plan is also known as Guarantee Legal Protection Plan (GLPP).

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Why it is important you have a legal protection even if you don't currently have a legal need!

Access to legal services with certainty of cost.

Covers enrollees against the potential cost of legal action.

Legal retainership with affordable subscription rates.

Legal protection with comprehensive benefits and qualified lawyers.

Complete coverage from consultation through trail.

If a legal matter arises, you will be protected by our pre-paid legal services (PPLS).

Choose from participating legal chambers throughout the country.

Opportunity to speak with an experienced lawyer for general legal advice and consultation 24/7.

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