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About Us

Legal Protection Services Limited (LPSL) is a private company registered with Nigeria's company registry, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC 1249275.

Pre-paid legal plan is the key product or field of operation of the company. The pre-paid legal plan is also known as Guarantee Legal Protection Plan (GLPP).

Guarantee Legal Protection Plan:
Guarantee Legal Protection Plan is simply a pre-paid legal service. It is a plan which covers enrollees against the potential cost of legal action. It is an umbrella against a rainy day of legal challenges.

GLPP as a pre-paid legal service is based on legal retainership with minimum and affordable subscription rates.

With the Legal Protection Plan, enrollees have the peace of mind knowing that they are always protected with comprehensive benefits and qualified lawyers. Enrollees have access to immediate advice and consultation, an attorney database and complete coverage from consultation statge and if necessary, through trial.

The Legal Protection Plan is conceived as an armour against the obstacles to ideal legal and social order in our environment where impunity and lawlessness is the order of the day.

The corporate mission of the Legal Protection Plan is to principally promote:

Affordable legal services.
Regular and easy access to legal services.
Due diligence and the rule of law.

Core Values of LPS:
Friendly Service
Passion for what we do
Offer real value for clients' money.

We have identified obstacles to Legal and Ideal Social Order to include but not limited to:
Bribery and corruption
Vestiges of Military Rule, etc.

Consultation, Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation:
These are the basic tools for the pre-paid legal services. Each legal plan is aimed at preventing litigation and reaching possible agreement and amicable out-of-court settlement. Therefore, the main thrust or primary objective of the pre-paid legal service is preventive rather than curative approach to legal challenges.

Legal Service Providers are to apply any tool appropriate to the client's best interest in the event of any litigation. The cost for the use of these tools is already covered by capitation.

However the enrollee whose case is subjected to any of these tools outside the chambers of the Legal Service Provider (LSP) shall foot the cost of transport.